My First Experience with SimSim – The Free Digital Mobile Wallet

I use apps like Bogo, SavYour, Vouch365, and more to get discounts on eateries and lifestyle brands. Recently, I learned about another amazing service, SimSim by Finja (a free digital mobile wallet).

What is SimSim?

SimSim is a free digital mobile wallet powered by Finja and works in collaboration with Finca Microfinance Bank. It’s pretty much similar to your online bank account with more features like discounts on restaurants, clothing, shoes, and more.

You can download the SimSim app on your android or iOS phone. It allows you to transfer money online to other SimSim accounts or any local bank. The online transfer process is more faster than the normal IBTF. It’s secured and synced with NADRA.

Using the SimSim app, you can order online from your favorite restaunrants and enjoy amazing discounts. The deals are displayed right on the main screen of the app.

Online transfers to all banks are free to a certain limit. This attracted me the most while learning about SimSim. I transferres money to an account and found this feature working seamless.

SimSim app has a lot more for me to explore. If you are using SimSim and know something that I should check, then do let me know. Having said that, lets talk about what I bought from my digital mobile wallet.

What Did I Got?

SimSim and Burger Lab partnered to give 77% cashback on one of their burgers. I found this while passing by Burger Lab, Smchs.

I didn’t know much about the offer. But, it was that evening when I was craving for a burger. As I entered in Burger Lab, the first thing that I read enforced me to get my burger.

“People who love to eat burgers are always the best people.”

Without wasting any time, I looked for someone to understand the complete process. SimSim team was there to guide customers. One of the representatives attended me and helped me in signing up for my digital mobile wallet.

After signing up, I ordered my burger right away. The original cost was 430 rupees. I paid 99 rupees only for a full size burger.

I’m following the SimSim app to see if anything comes up again, because who miss such great offers.

Waseem Abbas

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