6 Lessons I Learned on My Trip to Nanga Parbat

Mountains are rough and tough, specially when it is your first trekking trip. It’s quite an adventurous journey for someone living in the comforts of a city. One moment of mishap and you can feel your whole life folds in front of your own eyes. But then, there is a feeling of being on top of the world when you cross all the hurdles. They make you strong. Not only physically but, psychologically as well. Being used too with the dull and stressful daily routine, mountains bring situations that you are not aware of. There is a physical and mental stress that helps you in breaking the stereotypes of your routine life when you are back home.

I recently visited Nanga Parbat basecamp crossing Fairy Meadows and Beyal camp with the treacherous glaciers under my feet. It was a planned journey and I joined the pragmatic and professional adventurous group ‘Discover Pakistan’ with my friends. Starting the journey from Islamabad city to the basecamp of Nanga Parbat and then coming back to Islamabad in a span of 7 days; thrilled to say the least.

We commuted by bus to Rai Kot bridge and then by 4×4 vehicles to Tatto village from where we started trekking to Fairy Meadows. At Fairy Meadows, we stayed in the camps with the view of mighty Nanga Parbat. The other morning, we headed towards Nanga Parbat basecamp in the guidance of a professional team. Steep mountains and slippery path ways were bound to give a hard time to us. And, It did! But with every single step, the view becomes even better and it makes you keep going. Before starting our journey towards basecamp, we decided not to return back to our cozy homes till we achieve our target. Quitting wasn’t an option.

Fortunately, we were able to complete the whole trek. It took us 12 hours to climb up and safely return back to Fairy Meadows as the proud-achievers. These 12 hours of my life taught me the 6 most important lessons that changed my life completely. I found a new can-do-anything attitude.

I am going to share what I learned. Hoping, someone else would also get benefit from these lessons:

  1. Look for an inspiration that will help you keep going and you’ll achieve your goal. Your inspiration is the motivating factor that makes the hard easy for you.
  2. Never QUIT! Keep taking small steps. Move slowly and gradually towards your destiny. Quitting isn’t an option.
  3. Set small targets to make the journey easy for yourself. Celebrate each and every achievement of yours. You never know what the next moment brings to you. Though, keep your eyes on the final target.
  4. You can do anything in this world. There are no limits for dreams and so does for achievements. Live with an attitude of “Never Say Enough”.
  5. Do not be selfish. Alone, you can not achieve any stardom. You need a team that can help you. Always keep your friends by your side. Even if you fail, you will have good memories to discuss in the future.
  6. Take a Break! Travel whenever you have time! Meeting with new people open up a hundreds of opportunities. Money comes back, time doensn’t